Monday, June 29, 2009

Vintage Clutch Found

I am so obsessed with vintage lately...I love that vintage wedding items are green/cheap and make each little piece of our wedding that much more unique.

I bought this vintage wedding clutch (or one that looks just like it) this weekend at an antique store the next town over from ours. We spent at least an hour pouring over everything in the store. They had amazing wedding items and I just wanted to go totally 8% furlough was the only thing preventing further insanity.

Total expense from our visit...

$8.00 Vintage Beaded Wedding Clutch

$3.00 Vintage Milk Glass Vase for Candy Table

$8.00 Vintage Brooch for Garter

Total Spent $19.00

This inspiration board is from the lovlies over at Etsy. If you want to know more about this pretty is from She's Fancy and they have one just like it for only $7.00 what a deal!

You know I love a deal...

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