Monday, June 15, 2009

Bachelorette Party Countdown-Four Days

I have a short bachelorette party rant...

For all those twenty somethings out there...listen closely...

I am in my thirties and during my twenties all my friends got married for the most part...average wedding...I probably spent over $2,000. Between jetting around the country for bachelorette parties, paying for the bride's room, paying for the bride's cover charges, drinks and other expenses, paying for the bride's engagement party, paying for all the wedding related expenses like dress, hair, makeup and get the picture.

One of the most lavish married during a particularly difficult year...we were only 24 and I had just moved and changed jobs...I literally went into debt with her wedding...every time I tried to push back my friends would say how "mean" I was being and how when it was my turn it would all come around...newsflash doesn't.

The lavish bride never offered to do anything when I had my engagement FI and I paid for the entire thing ourselves...she didn't even bring her husband and got trashed and just sat on my couch the whole night...then I get a call from her this weekend...guess who is flaking on my bachelorette party.

"Hey I know this is so annoying only blah blah blah blah is going on this weekend so I can't come."

"I am sad. I was totally looking forward to seeing you."

"Ya you know how it is."

"I guess. I appreciate you calling me."

"You know how it is...when we were in our twenties our weddings were like the social event of the year and now it's know...we all have lives."


The thing is...I had a great thing going in my twenties and those weddings were not the social event of the year...only we made those girls the center of attention because...that is what you do for your matter how young or old they are.

I am just sad...mostly because now that it is my turn all the twenty something brides are more caught up with themselves then ever...sure they have moved on to the next "stage" only this "stage" for me is pretty exciting too...I am just happy that I matured enought to realize how self centered people can be.

End of rant haha.

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Mads said...

I want to kick that girl's you-know-what! I wish I was there to lavish the attention on you... you deserve every moment!

Kristen Nichols on June 16, 2009 at 2:29 PM said...

Very well put. I think we all can relate in some way or another, to how you are feeling. Everyone has that selfish friend, and hopefully it inspires us to always be considerate!

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