Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Bachelorette and a Veil

What is it with a veil?

(This one is a bride by Jennifer Bowen).

My bachelorette weekend was this past was amazing. I totally see myself as a bride now. Why? My friend put a veil on me the first night out...suddenly I was transformed into a bride!

We went out the first night and people in the street were yelling..."Congratulations!" it was awesome. Then the weird veil petting started. Men, young men, old men, middle age men patting my head, petting my veil, tugging on my veil and trying to pull me by my veil. Seriously guys?!

What is it about girls that are unatainable? Do guys just like the chase? Do they want a girl with no strings attached? I totally don't get it.

It all started when I first got engaged. I went on a business trip to Kansas City. I flashed my ring around the room and made sure every one knew I was engaged. I was so excited. Then it started...old men...young men...middle age men starting flirting with me, asking me out, propositioning me and trying to get me to go home with them. The weird part is...this rarely happened when I was single.

Is it me? Is it them? What is different about a bride that drives guys crazy and makes them act so weirdly out of character?

I made it home with my veil in one piece...and now I just like to walk by it and it makes me smile. I am getting married!

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