Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Favorite Online Stores

This is our reception location...pretty right?! I love the Spanish building so I wanted to play off that for our reception. I am not a bride who wants anything anyone else has so I have been seriously searching the web for cute/cheap things to make our night special.

Here are my favorite online stores for wedding stuff so far...I am not even going into the bad ones...and there are def bad ones out there.

Let me start with Save on Crafts...this place is amazing. So I have no idea where they are located only I got my order in one day. I ordered six of these lanterns and they were on sale for $18/each. One of the boxes came and it was a little crushed so the lantern was a little damaged. Also some candles I bought there were also damaged. I called their customer service line and they gave me the option of getting a full refund or they would send me replacements! I got one replacement lantern and a refund for the candles...and they sent me the new lantern...which I got the next day! I love Save on Crafts.

My other online love right now is Casa Bonampak...not only are they in San Francisco...close to my home town...they also delivered in a day and were really easy to order from. I got two of the 18 ft. white wedding banners for $12.50 each! This site has really cute everything and if you are going for the Spanish vibe...this is the site to shop. On top of that they work with native artisans in Latin America which is awesome to be able to support local craftsman without hopping on a plane!

My next great find was Wholesale Craft Outlet. I bought 72 clear hobnail votive holders for only $59.99 which is less than $1/candle holder. I love these because they are so different than all the other votive candles I see out there and I like having something that no one else has.

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Jonathon Campbell on June 12, 2009 at 7:14 PM said...
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Mo on June 25, 2009 at 9:25 PM said...

How wonderful, you're a Balboa Park bride! It is going to be amazing, I absolutely love Balboa Park.

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