Monday, October 26, 2009

Baby Bump at 17 Weeks


Here we go...since I don't have any good professional wedding pictures to share yet...we should be getting them in the next is the first of our baby bump pictures.

As you can see our doggie is pretty excited about his new friend too!

I can't believe how quickly everything is happening.  It was less than a month ago that I was walking down the aisle.  The past two years were so filled with wedding planning that our baby surprise right at the wedding countdown just made everything even more of an amazing celebration.  We are blessed to already have a growing family.

I am sad we didn't start the baby bump pictures sooner.

Animal Lamps


Lately everything reminds me of the 80's.  It seems like they are back everwhere and anywhere...including kids rooms which just makes me laugh.

One of my friends when I was growing up had this awesome lamp and this picture just totally brought me back to those days of being a kid.  I definitely think that we will be using lots of 80's influences in our baby room because we both were children of the 80's and it seems like there is no escaping that decade for a while!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Grey Nursery Inspiration


Today is our cleaning day.  We have been back from our honeymoon for about two weeks and have done nothing with our house since before the wedding...and it shows.  Today my hubby scrubbed the house top to bottom.  He wouldn't let me near the strong chemicals he insists on cleaning with (so much for my nice organic cleansers from my single days) and he outfitted me with some thick black plastic gloves and gave me the easy jobs like dusting (with gloves on) and doing light cleaning (with gloves on).

Our big goal for the day was to clear out "my office" which has become the dumping ground for everything having to do with our wedding.  This room is our future baby room so we need to get busy and figure out what to do with all the wedding leftover stuff.

We finished the cleaning and didn't get too far with the clearing out of wedding boxes...this adorable nursery is keeping me motivated.

I really like the grey walls with the color accents.  In a month we find out if those accents will be pink or blue!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Soup Time


It's fall in California...even if it is still almost 80 degrees outside.  I am going to pretend it is cold and shut myself in my house all weekend.  We haven't had a weekend at home since our wedding and it shows.  Laundry is piled everywhere, our house is dirty, our poor doggie needs a bath and our future baby room is stacked with gifts and wedding crap.

I bought a butternut squash at the fruit stand by our house last weekend so this weekend it is time for soup!  I might try this fun recipe for Baja Butternut Squash soup since I am already missing San Diego.

I am so ready for real fall weather.  Next weekend is Halloween and my hubby's birthday so I have to figure out what he wants to do and make some plans...I can't be a bad wife already!  All I really want to do is relax and watch movies, bake and enjoy each other's company.  Hopefully with a clean house and a clean doggie.  Let's see how far I get with that this weekend.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Still Me Just Different

This morning we had a little staff meeting at work and they brought in coffee and bagels. I had already devoured a bagel with cream cheese and strawberry jam from home so I didn't have a bagel only I grabbed a coffee. Not even a coffee...I grabbed about 1/4 of a cup of coffee and filled the cup with cream and sugar. I took a sip and was immediately reprimanded by one of my bosses for drinking coffee.

I probably had four sips out of the cup all morning and poured the cup out. It just got me wondering...who am I now?

I went from myself to bride in training to mom in two short years and suddenly I find myself in a whole new world with new rules and new fears and somewhere along the way this is the person I have grown into.

Every night I look at myself and barely recognize my body and it hits life is changing faster than it ever has. Everyone has their opinions and their ideas only I am the only one (along with my hubby) who can really decide what our little one's life will start out as.

For now I am trying the best I know how...even if sips of coffee gets me through the day and someone has an issue with it. I am proud of myself even if the world doesn't agree with everything I do. I think I know what I am least I know I am figuring it out as I go.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dog in Front of Fireplace

I wanted to write this cute post about how fall is finally here and how cute my dog is in the morning when we turn on the fireplace and he lays there in front of it.

I don't have a picture here at work of my dog in front of the fireplace so I asked Google...this is what I got. "Dog in front of fireplace." I am not sure who this poor guy is only the picture is from a blog about running and he brags about how hot he is and how great his runner's body is...hilarious.

The internet is awesome.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Elastic Pants and Other Fashion Adventures

I never thought I would say this...elastic pants are the coolest invention ever. Seriously. Ever since the wedding the closet has become a wasteland of really cute honeymoon outfits which will not be worn (this year at least) and work clothes that don't quite button. I had to clear out my closet just to preserve my sanity. Now the emptiness is a little more calming only still there is the morning fashion emergency when I have nothing to wear to work.

Two friends have given me bags of maternity clothes. I think it is the coolest thing how women bond together over these uncomfortable moments trying to prevent someone else from having the morning fashion emergency that begins each day. Even cooler is that most of the clothes have been passed down through multiple women...some of them have been worn by five women before me. Usually I am not one who goes for vintage wardrobe don't get me wrong I am totally into preserving the environment and reusing and recycling only I am just not that good at vintage shopping. I will admit it! There is something really amazing about putting on a shirt and picturing each of these women going through similar experiences that I am now and all the emotions that they went through and the joys and challenges. The clothes connect me to these women and their families and makes me realize how many women have gone through what I am going through right definitely makes me proud and for a moment each morning...a little less alone in my own thoughts.

I am setting out in the world strong in my new wardrobe of soft cotton t shirts, fuzzy sweaters and elastic pants. This is one pregnant girl who will conquer the world with my little one...even if I have to be accompanied by elastic to do it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Post Wedding Letdown

Everyone warned me about the post wedding letdown only I never believed them...or thought it would be quite as depresssing as they said it would be.

My email box is empty...the vendors have all moved on to their next target and friends have lost interest. The only email I did get was a Facebook message from a friend who told me what a bad friend I was being for asking for pictures of our wedding...her life is far to busy to be bothered with petty requests like pictures from our wedding.

We are still waiting for pictures...the IPhone pictures from friends who aren't too busy for such petty requests are great only now we want the real thing!

I got a little fun last week with some IPhone videos from my hubbies good friends.

No more gifts have arrived and I am convinced that two entire tables have decided not to send anything. Seriously people...

For now we are totally occupied with our little one who is growing and changing and in one short month we find out if we are having a boy or a girl. Our little family has grown strong and we are learning that being married means having someone we can rely on even when everyone else thinks we are being petty and annoying.

I know the post wedding letdown will pass soon enough and for now I am enjoying the love of my new hubby and letting go of expectations of friends who disappoint me.

I love this adorable cake topper.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Pans Arrive Tomorrow

As a recessionista bride I have to file one official complaint...the lack of wedding gifts. Now don't jump all over me and tell me that I shouldn't expect gifts or that I should just appreciate people attending our wedding...I agree with both arguments only I still think that getting wedding gifts is part of being a bride. Probably the most annoying are those guests who you have recently purchased gifts for and they still don't indulge you with a gift. Now I know we have a year to get gifts only knowing the guests who haven't purchased anything...I am not going to stand on my porch waiting for the FedEx guy holding my breath.

My hubby and I have always wanted a professional set of pans. We currently use a crazy mix of his college pans purchased at Costco over 10 years ago, my random pans picked up at various IKEA trips over the years...with the nonstick Teflon scratches and all. So today we throw out our sad grouping of mismatched pans because we invested in a new set of professional stainless steel pans!

We ended up using gift cards and some returned gifts and we got the one gift we have been wanting for a long time! I just found out they are on their way and should arrive tomorrow!

For now I will just settle down in my judgement of non gifting wedding guests and enjoy our new foodie adventures together...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Celebrate without Champagne

My hubby wouldn't even let me have a half of a glass of champagne at our wedding since we are expecting our first little one...instead I had a sip of champagne and a glass of sparkling apple cider.

On our honeymoon I found a fabulous new way to celebrate and still have fun with a drink that seems more decadent and adult than the apple cider alternative.

DRY Soda company features clear soda in innovative flavors like Cucumber, Juniper Berry, Kumquat, Lavender, Lemongrass, Rhubarb and Vanilla Bean.

I had the lavender and it was the perfect balance of girly fun and sophistication.

I am definitely going to serve DRY Soda at my next bridal shower or baby shower.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's Our One Week Anniversary

You never know what you are really getting into until you are in a new is a scary thing to take on a new name and new relatives and new holiday traditions and a new life.

My new Mother in Law sent my new Hubby and I a sweet One Week Anniversay card tonight at almost the exact time we walked down the aisle last week. I have to say that it was pretty cute and especially since we are in post wedding letdown was a cute gesture.

All I have are some blurry pictures and some I Phone pictures so here is another one...I can't wait for our pictures from our awesome photographer Phil Paik and his wife Minae. They were amazing and most of the night I didn't even realize they were there...I had to ask people if we had photographers at our wedding reception...I remember seeing them once or twice and that is it.

Now I just have to get some sleep tonight because I am back to work on Monday. If only the wedding loveliness could have lasted one more week.

More this week...also a big thank you to all those blog readers who had important parts of our wedding. This thank you especially goes out to my amazing Mother of the Bride...who did just about everything I could have asked for and more. She needs to write a book...she was amazing.

Just to give one adorable detail about this Husband is holding my handkerchief that I dropped at the altar and I am laughing at how cute he looks carrying it down the aisle after the wedding.


We are married and back home!

The wedding was perfect. I wouldn't have changed anything. As soon as I get the pictures from our photographer I will post more.

For now...I have to go sort all of our wedding decor that is currently taking up my entire living room.

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