Sunday, June 28, 2009

Love a Walmart Deal

I really don't want to like Walmart...seriously I don't. My FI is somewhat obsessed with it and at times I just go along with his obsession.

Today I dragged my Mom around Walmart because she is looking for 30 off white linen napkins for my bridal shower which is in four weeks and I know she likes to procrastinate so I thought...since she is in town I would see if Walmart had the napkins so she could finish up her little shower craft...more on that later...really cute idea!

My Mom says Martha Stewart gives her anxiety which makes me laugh because I too have a tough relationship with Martha. I want to hate her only I don't. I love her. There I said it.

Back to really is terrible. The dingy lighting, loud roar of customers and dodging carts just isn't my favorite way to spend a Sunday. Still...I was with my Mom so pretty much anything can be fun when she is in town.

Walmart was a big letdown with the napkins. Who knew Walmart wanted like $3.99/napkin. Really Walmart? No way.

I did peruse the craft aisle...I was searching for something for my favors when I came across this adorable "Just Married" banner on the sale shelf for only $3.50. I don't have this adorable carriage like this couple...only I am sure it will look just as cute on the back of our white Chryslter 300C limo. I am sure that is totally what Martha was picturing when she designed this banner.

I do love this banner...and Walmart does have some pretty cute Martha Stewart wedding stuff...

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Jen on June 30, 2009 at 5:43 PM said...

The banner is very cute & will make for a great picture! Even if you had to go into dingy walmart :(
The one near me smells too

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