Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Honeymoon Love

We are off to Mexico for our honeymoon so how perfect is this cute little dress I bought today?

I got it on Ideeli and I am totally in love with this new site. They have such cute dresses...I am pretty sure I have a new shopping addiction.

They have the most amazing deals and I got this dress (original price $174.00 can you believe it) for only $49.

Another deal! I can't wait to wear this to a nice romantic dinner at our resort. We are staying at our hotel for a week and one night they have a Mexican fiesta...you know I love a good theme party so now I have the perfect little outfit...now which shoes should I wear?!

Pretty Dress Inspiration

How pretty are these dresses by Kate Towers?!

Swoonable pieces...not sure where I would wear them only just running through a field in these dresses looks pretty fun.

She sells on Etsy which makes these dresses even more approachable.

I love all the pretty ideas for our engagement pictures...now I just have to make some decisions...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Vintage Clutch Found

I am so obsessed with vintage lately...I love that vintage wedding items are green/cheap and make each little piece of our wedding that much more unique.

I bought this vintage wedding clutch (or one that looks just like it) this weekend at an antique store the next town over from ours. We spent at least an hour pouring over everything in the store. They had amazing wedding items and I just wanted to go totally crazy...my 8% furlough was the only thing preventing further insanity.

Total expense from our visit...

$8.00 Vintage Beaded Wedding Clutch

$3.00 Vintage Milk Glass Vase for Candy Table

$8.00 Vintage Brooch for Garter

Total Spent $19.00

This inspiration board is from the lovlies over at Etsy. If you want to know more about this pretty purse...it is from She's Fancy and they have one just like it for only $7.00 what a deal!

You know I love a deal...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Love a Walmart Deal

I really don't want to like Walmart...seriously I don't. My FI is somewhat obsessed with it and at times I just go along with his obsession.

Today I dragged my Mom around Walmart because she is looking for 30 off white linen napkins for my bridal shower which is in four weeks and I know she likes to procrastinate so I thought...since she is in town I would see if Walmart had the napkins so she could finish up her little shower craft...more on that later...really cute idea!

My Mom says Martha Stewart gives her anxiety which makes me laugh because I too have a tough relationship with Martha. I want to hate her only I don't. I love her. There I said it.

Back to Walmart...it really is terrible. The dingy lighting, loud roar of customers and dodging carts just isn't my favorite way to spend a Sunday. Still...I was with my Mom so pretty much anything can be fun when she is in town.

Walmart was a big letdown with the napkins. Who knew Walmart wanted like $3.99/napkin. Really Walmart? No way.

I did peruse the craft aisle...I was searching for something for my favors when I came across this adorable "Just Married" banner on the sale shelf for only $3.50. I don't have this adorable carriage like this couple...only I am sure it will look just as cute on the back of our white Chryslter 300C limo. I am sure that is totally what Martha was picturing when she designed this banner.

I do love this banner...and Walmart does have some pretty cute Martha Stewart wedding stuff...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Carnival Obsessed

It could be that it is summer...or maybye I really am just obsessed with the carnivals.

How fun is this carnival wedding theme?!

I seriously tried hinting to my FI for years that I wanted him to propose on a ferris wheel...too bad he has a horrible fear of poorly constructed carnival rides haha.

This wedding is courtesy of Amorology and the photography is by Jamie Hammond. I saw this post on the Green Wedding Shoes blog.

I love how youthful and fun this idea is...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Doggie Swoon

If only my doggie wasn't suddenly so afraid of long car trips...now he can't star in our engagement pictures.

Isn't this engagement picture by Stephanie Williams Photography so cute! I love how cute they all look.

I love the casual chic look of this shoot and Stephanie Williams might be one of my new favorite photographers...she is amazing...

It's Official...I Am a Bachelorette

First of many...I am still detoxing from my bachelorette party last weekend.

This is Confidential restaurant in downtown San Diego.

Such a fun night.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Goodbye Peonies

I went down to San Diego last week and had my last appointment with my florist...this is my final goodbye to my fav flower...the classy and beautiful peony.

So October really is too late for these beauties...

The best part of the appointment...when my florist said to OD on peonies between now and buy them all the time so then so I get tired of them and hate them by my wedding...

She even had an amazing wedding that weekend and her whole shop was bursting with amazing white peony extravaganzas...

Oh peonies I could never hate you.

Love San Diego Style

I am pretty much obsessed with the idea of our engagement pictures being done at a local fair...only there is no fair in San Diego when we are going to do ours.

I just had to share this adorable picture of this loving couple at the San Diego County Fair.

Did I mention that this was also taken by our incredibly awesome wedding photographer Phil Paik of Phil Paik Studios?

Our pictures are one month away and I can't wait!

A Bachelorette and a Veil

What is it with a veil?

(This one is a bride by Jennifer Bowen).

My bachelorette weekend was this past weekend...it was amazing. I totally see myself as a bride now. Why? My friend put a veil on me the first night out...suddenly I was transformed into a bride!

We went out the first night and people in the street were yelling..."Congratulations!" it was awesome. Then the weird veil petting started. Men, young men, old men, middle age men patting my head, petting my veil, tugging on my veil and trying to pull me by my veil. Seriously guys?!

What is it about girls that are unatainable? Do guys just like the chase? Do they want a girl with no strings attached? I totally don't get it.

It all started when I first got engaged. I went on a business trip to Kansas City. I flashed my ring around the room and made sure every one knew I was engaged. I was so excited. Then it started...old men...young men...middle age men starting flirting with me, asking me out, propositioning me and trying to get me to go home with them. The weird part is...this rarely happened when I was single.

Is it me? Is it them? What is different about a bride that drives guys crazy and makes them act so weirdly out of character?

I made it home with my veil in one piece...and now I just like to walk by it and it makes me smile. I am getting married!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Furloughed Bride

First my FI got furloughed two Fridays ago...that means a 5% pay cut and mandatory one day off a month...not too terrible compared to some people so we took it in stride and made some cuts to our monthly budget.

Then last Friday...I got a 8% pay cut. Seriously?! Why now...not to mention I just got a new job and took a much lower salary due to the current economic situation.

So here is my question...why has the wedding industry not felt the pinch of the economic downturn? Is it on a one year lag? Do vendors live in denial? Are brides still having lavish weddings? I don't get it.

Now I begin my attempt to work some deals...we are already doing a budget wedding only now I have to get serious about saving some money. Can I furlough my wedding vendors? Give them all a 8% pay cut? Haha. Probably not.

I have cut everything I can and now I am left with fixed costs like our wedding venue and other vendors who refuse to budge.

What is a girl to do?

Wedding Shoe Search and Giveaway


In my quest for the perfect shoes...I came across this amazing designer today...Hey Lady Shoes.

Project Wedding is doing a giveaway and you know I had to enter. I especially love Princess Buttercup...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beautiful Bouquet

One of my favorite San Diego photographers...other than mine (Phil Paik you know you are my favorite) is Susan Yee. She does amazing things with lighting and has an artistic point of view that is so dreamy and inspiring. When I read her blog I just forget where I am and am instantly transported into a world of misty filtered sunshine and daydreaming on powdery sand.

Look at this amazing bouquet from one of her recent wedding shoots. I love the ribbon on the bouquet. Such a simple idea. It has a vintage quality that adds a unique touch. So pretty.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Cherry Wedding


Today I saw the most adorable wedding idea on Jordan Ferney's blog, Oh Happy Day. She made these adorable stickers and bags on her home computer and printer! People like this make me want to jump up and clap my hands and sing. If only I was that creative...

Jordan posted information about how to make these fabulous stickers and bags...how are people that talented and generous?! I love it.

Even though her theme was purple...those cherries inspired me to dream about the farmhouse summer wedding I can't have.

Grilled Nectarines

Just because you are on the "bride diet" doesn't mean food has to be boring!

Here is my fun dessert idea for summer evenings...grill some healthy vegetables for dinner and serve this for dessert.

Grilled Nectarines

1/4 cup honey
1/8 cup balsamic vinegar
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 ripe nectarines

Whisk honey, vinegar, and vanilla in small bowl. Brush nectarines generously with half of glaze. Grill until heated through, turning occasionally, about 4 minutes. Arrange 2 nectarine halves, cut side up, on each plate. Drizzle with remaining glaze. Spoon some rasberry frozen yogurt into center of each nectarine half and serve.

Serves 2.

Monday, June 15, 2009

White Fluffy Stuff


There is something so dreamy about white fluffy stuff. The little cake is so cute...and I love the idea of little mini cakes like that on every table.

Lace Cake

Isn't this cake adorable?! My FI is not sold yet only I am still working on him...

Our cake meeting is only a month away and I need to come with some ideas. This one I found on The Knot and was designed by Lovin Sullivan Cakes, New York.

Do you love it?!

Bachelorette Party Countdown-Four Days

I have a short bachelorette party rant...

For all those twenty somethings out there...listen closely...

I am in my thirties and during my twenties all my friends got married for the most part...average wedding...I probably spent over $2,000. Between jetting around the country for bachelorette parties, paying for the bride's room, paying for the bride's cover charges, drinks and other expenses, paying for the bride's engagement party, paying for all the wedding related expenses like dress, hair, makeup and travel...you get the picture.

One of the most lavish brides...got married during a particularly difficult year...we were only 24 and I had just moved and changed jobs...I literally went into debt with her wedding...every time I tried to push back my friends would say how "mean" I was being and how when it was my turn it would all come around...newsflash ladies...it doesn't.

The lavish bride never offered to do anything when I had my engagement party...my FI and I paid for the entire thing ourselves...she didn't even bring her husband and got trashed and just sat on my couch the whole night...then I get a call from her this weekend...guess who is flaking on my bachelorette party.

"Hey I know this is so annoying only blah blah blah blah is going on this weekend so I can't come."

"I am sad. I was totally looking forward to seeing you."

"Ya you know how it is."

"I guess. I appreciate you calling me."

"You know how it is...when we were in our twenties our weddings were like the social event of the year and now it's like...you know...we all have lives."


The thing is...I had a great thing going in my twenties and those weddings were not the social event of the year...only we made those girls the center of attention because...that is what you do for your friends...no matter how young or old they are.

I am just sad...mostly because now that it is my turn all the twenty something brides are more caught up with themselves then ever...sure they have moved on to the next "stage" only this "stage" for me is pretty exciting too...I am just happy that I matured enought to realize how self centered people can be.

End of rant haha.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pink Peonies

My FI works all the time during July...even weekends until late so he escaped for a quick "break" with me yesterday to head to Trader Joe's. Right when we walked in I saw them...fresh cut pink peonies. A whole bouquet for only $6.99 can you believe it?! My stomach dropped. This is why I wanted to be a spring or summer bride. Waaaaaahhhh.

I pointed them out to my FI.

"See baby those are peonies...pretty huh?"


"Ya...see them?"

"Hmmm sure pretty..."

Not exactly the reaction I was looking for only whatever he is a guy after all.

Next week I have my final meeting with our florist who is going to give me her best guess of if she will be able to find peonies for us in October or not...oh to be a spring or summer bride...swoon...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wedding Jewelry Found

I finally found my wedding jewelry!

I seriously did not think I would ever find anything so beautiful...and in my price range.

I am borrowing a necklace and earrings set from I'm Over It and awesome site where you can borrow your wedding jewelry for a reasonable price.

Isn't it beautiful?!

I love how vintage chic and still modern this set is...totally what I want our wedding to be all about.

Now I just can't wait to get it!

Pink Headband Love

I am so in love with the new flowery headband look. I searched Etsy...my other love and found this amazing designer PbbFLowers.

I need to order this headband for our engagement pictures...I love it. Can you believe it...only $14.95.

So gorgeous.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Fro Yo Anyone

I am addicted. We have a fave new fro yo spot in our town...one of those ones where you get all the candy, fruit and toppings you can think of and you make your own creation. We love it and we are obsessed.

It's a rainy summer Friday and perfect for a treat.

Now where is that FI of mine...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Favorite Online Stores


This is our reception location...pretty right?! I love the Spanish building so I wanted to play off that for our reception. I am not a bride who wants anything anyone else has so I have been seriously searching the web for cute/cheap things to make our night special.

Here are my favorite online stores for wedding stuff so far...I am not even going into the bad ones...and there are def bad ones out there.

Let me start with Save on Crafts...this place is amazing. So I have no idea where they are located only I got my order in one day. I ordered six of these lanterns and they were on sale for $18/each. One of the boxes came and it was a little crushed so the lantern was a little damaged. Also some candles I bought there were also damaged. I called their customer service line and they gave me the option of getting a full refund or they would send me replacements! I got one replacement lantern and a refund for the candles...and they sent me the new lantern...which I got the next day! I love Save on Crafts.

My other online love right now is Casa Bonampak...not only are they in San Francisco...close to my home town...they also delivered in a day and were really easy to order from. I got two of the 18 ft. white wedding banners for $12.50 each! This site has really cute everything and if you are going for the Spanish vibe...this is the site to shop. On top of that they work with native artisans in Latin America which is awesome to be able to support local craftsman without hopping on a plane!

My next great find was Wholesale Craft Outlet. I bought 72 clear hobnail votive holders for only $59.99 which is less than $1/candle holder. I love these because they are so different than all the other votive candles I see out there and I like having something that no one else has.

Mod Cloth and My Latest Obsession


Our engagement pictures are next month so I totally need cute dresses. During my weekly online search look at this amazing dress I found!

So Mod Cloth is super adorable. All their stuff is amazing...and the best part...this dress is only $47.99 can you believe it?! How is that even possible?

I am so in love with Anthropologie...like every other girl my age...only Mod Cloth is so much more reasonable. I totally want to order everything on their site....swoon...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Style Me Pretty Giveaway


Style Me Pretty is having a fabulous giveaway and is asking readers to post their top four "must haves" from their Crate and Barrel registry. Here are mine...

Cuisinart Popcorn Popper-After many air popped popcorn burns (side of neck being the latest) this little invention is a must have. It’s an air popper that won’t leave you darting hot little kernels because the top is the bowl and catches all the popcorn…genius!

Three Tier Cupcake Stand-Why? Why not?! I love it. Such a cute and fun way to display deserts for one at our next soiree.

Smartpower Premier Stainless Steel Blender-I obsess over this blender every day. I still have my college blender which saw too many “margarita nights” without proper cleaning and now barely chops ice. My strawberry protein shakes are more like strawberry balls in water. I so need this powerhouse.

Classic Two Slice Toaster-This toaster is like a really good 50’s sitcom. You know what you are going to get and there is just something so timeless and cute about it you can’t resist.

I pretty much adore Crate and Barrel and this was the first place we registered. The ladies in the store were too cute and even gave us an adorable heart shaped bowl for signing up. Fabulous and has a permanent home on our kitchen table with sweets for guests.

Doily Inspired

I am loving doilies this week. I want to incorporate them into every last little detail of my wedding...and my FI tells me that no one will even notice the details. I will so I am going for it!

The heart doily guest book idea is too cute for words. Guests write messages and then pin the doilies with pins to a string. Love it.

The doily bouquet and corsage are also just too cute and unique. Vintage with a pretty modern appeal.

I am about to go doily crazy with my day!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tequila Glazed Chicken with Jalapeno


Last night was wine night with the girls on the street. I came home and my cute FI had barbequed chicken and asparagus. How cute is he?

It reminded me how much I love summer barbeques.

Then I found this recipe for Tequila Glazed Chicken with Jalapeno from Bon Appetit...I can't wait to try it!

Tonight is going to be leftover grilled chicken and homemade fries.

Pretty Cake


I am loving this cute and simple cake. It is so classy and elegant. I have been searching for an all white wedding cake that is modern and timeless.

I am not sure if our bakery can do something like this or not...I guess we will find out when we meet with them in July!

I have been trying to decide what style cake to go with and I think this one captures so many of the elements that I have been trying to bring into the wedding.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Lula Kate Prettiness


I am so in love with Lula Kate. I have been searching for months for the perfect maid of honor dress for my little sister.

Finally I found Lula Kate. Her designs are so simple and pretty you just fall in love with everything.

This dress is vintage and totally reminds me of the classy demure dresses of days gone by. I can't wait to see my little sister all dressed up on my wedding day in all these lovliness.

This dress is called "Alex" and comes in knee or floor length. The retail price for the knee length is $285 and floor length is $320.

Eating-Homemade french fries with ketchup and mustard
Drinking-Water after three glasses of wine last night

It's So Pretty

Loving this website. Favors anyone?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Maid of Honor Runner Up Gallery


This Simple Silhouettes dress was one of the choices...cute right?!

I thought it was really cute. The flowers are actually pinned on and can be removed so the dress could actually (possibly) be worn later as a cute sundress.

I like the fact that it isn't just another strapless and it has some cute details that make it really different than anything else I have seen. This one is from the 09 collection.

My sister said the skirt wasn't right for her so she wasn't into it.

This is my second favorite from Thread Bridesmaid.

Cute scoopneck with a removable bow! Another dress that could maybe get worn again by making it look totally different after the wedding...I like a dress that can be changed and made to look different. I also really like the mini length. Perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

Another reject by my sister only I still really like this one.
This one comes from Priscilla of Boston. It is cotton tricotine which I had never heard of before.I

love the cute ruffle detail and full skirt. This one has that same vintage look as the dress my sister actually picked. Oh and did I mention the cute pockets?! That detail makes it totally different and gives it a modern flair.

Another one that my sister didn't pick only definitely made the list of our favorites.

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