Thursday, July 1, 2010

First Time Away

Last night was my first real night away from Baby Posh Play.  I had to get my hair done.  I didn't highlight it the whole time I was pregnant except for once right before our wedding.  I have been missing my hair stylist like crazy and in a moment of desperation right after I got out of the hospital I went to my husband's hairdresser in our town to get highlights (huge mistake) and looked exactly like I did when I walked in only even more frumpy.

My hairdresser is about 30 minutes away so it was a big trip to get my husband home in time to take over and get to the salon and be threre for three hours.  I will admit.  I held myself back from crying the whole time.  I am so fortunate to have an amazingly fab hairdresser who I have been going to for years so she chatted me up the whole time to forget about my anxiety.  I did text my husband about two times and it took everything I had not to just put him on speaker and keep him there the entire three hours so I could hear every single detail of what was going on.  I did it.  I got beautiful highlights and a cute haircut and got out of there and called my husband from the car.  He said Baby Posh Play was asleep and I should go ahead and grab us dinner.  Really?  How could it be.  Did he really have this seamless night that he was portraying?  It never goes that good for me and I am a full time Mom!

I grabbed some quick drive through and headed home.  When I got there I burst into tears and charged up the stairs.  Baby Posh Play was asleep swaddled and looked like he had a nice relaxing night.  I ran back down the stairs and asked my husband how it went.  He not only got both bottles completely emptied he did bath time, pajama time, play time and stuck to my schedule I so controllingly left on the table.

A part of me is really relieved that my husband has turned into such a good Dad.  Only a part of me was completely sad that Baby Posh Play is totally fine without me for a night.

The upside?  It made waking up at 12:30 A.M. for eating time really exciting since I missed that little baby boy more than I could even stand!

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jociegal on July 1, 2010 at 2:00 PM said...

That is the sweetest post you have ever done, I think. I loved it. Baby Posh Play is very lucky to have you as his Mom.

steph said...

You are too cute, I thought you seemed totally calm the whole time! Thank you for letting me talk your ear off, I looove labor and delivery stories! It was so nice to see you!

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