Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just Thinking

Today I am just thinking about.

-Why a car went through the back fence of the short sale house we are trying to buy.  Why it went over the retaining wall and onto the back yard grass.  Why the selling agent still hasn't told us and why my friends just happened to be driving by and noticed the damage.  Why I can't be one of those people who thinks it will never happen again.  Why I can't even look at the house anymore without wanting to cry. Why there is no way we can buy that house now.

-Why we made another offer on a different house over 24 hours ago and have heard nothing.  Why the selling agent of the new house is on a Disney cruise and I am sitting here.  Why if the Disney cruise has internet service he still hasn't gotten back to us.

-Why Baby Posh Play is growing up so fast.  Why he doesn't fit into newborn diapers anymore and I had to buy size 2 yesterday.  Why he insists on rolling around the house trying to get somewhere, anywhere other than where I put him.  Why he doesn't want to just sleep in my arms anymore like he used to.

-Why my husband's work still has a raise freeze and even though he is doing his new job he isn't getting paid for it and doesn't know when he will get his raise.  Why people don't understand that good employees need to be compensated for a job done right.

-Why it has to be so hot here that we sit inside all day during summer instead of enjoying the outdoors and why we can't find a house with a pool in our price range.  Why I am not floating in the pool that we can't find on a raft with a tall glass of ice cold juice.

-Why some weeks things seem like nothing goes the way you think it should only really it is working out the way it is supposed to you just don't see it that way yet.

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