Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What is it About Guys and Their T Shirts

Let me start by saying this is a picture of my husband.  This was taken years ago.  He got this shirt while we were away on a business trip together for a convention.  Let me also say he is a highly succesful attorney and would be mortified that I am sharing this picture with all of you.  That's what he gets for not reading my blog.  The shirt was a joke and I have not seen hide or hair of it since this picture was taken.  It does give photographic example of my latest marital confusion.

My husband has about 30% of our walk in closet in our bedroom and then another walk in closet in his home office.  Our shared closet is filled with business suits and dress shoes and his office closet is completely jam packed with jeans, t shirts and casual clothes.  When I say jam packed I mean jam packed.  There are STACKS of jeans and PILES of shirts and the entire FLOOR is covered in clothes.  Then he also has a dresser in our room filled with more clothes.

The strange part?  All he really wears when not working are two pairs of casual shorts, two pairs of jeans and maybye four shirts.  What are these shirts you ask?  Ridiculous thread baren memories of his past.  Stupid law school shirts, old college shirts and one or two decent casual shirts that I can be proud of.  He wears these shirts over and over and washes them over and over and now you can actually see right through most of them they are so thin.

The other day I decided to get adventurous and organize his dresser drawers while he is at work.  Now don't go thinking I am going to win the wife of the week award or anything.  I mostly did this to benefit myself so I don't get waken up at 7:15 A.M. after spending hours awake during the night with our baby to the sound of.

I have no socks.  I really need new socks.  I can't find any socks.

With further investigation during my daytime prowling I found that the man does not indeed need more socks.  He has an entire drawer full only they are pushed in the drawer along with old shirts and other oddities.  On the upside I did find most of my missing socks.  Bonus!

When I finally revealed my project to him he was pleased.  I said I was going to finish the job and do his entire dresser.  His response?  You can throw away ANY of my shirts only don't throw out a single one of my law school shirts.  How could I even CONSIDER throwing away a faded black now almost purple shirt with LAW SCHOOL printed in block letters across the chest.  Someone might forget he is a lawyer after all.

I mean really.  So I ask you.  Why does he hold onto these souveneirs of the past?

I equate it to my old sorority shirts or cheerleading shirts.  Sure they are cute.  The shorts with the paw on the booty sure were awesome when I was 17 and jumping around the football field only by the first semester of college the cheer garb was a thing of the past.  No paws decorated any of my attire and I did not head out of the house in anything that would indicate my participation in cheerleading during my formative years.  Same goes for the good old sorority shirts.  It was really cool to remember the fraternity date dash and I definitely sported that commerative shirt to many a hung over breakfast with the girls during college.  The sorority letter sweatshirt from my big sis was adorable and I wore it all around the beach on windy nights.  Only the day I walked across that stage and took that diploma the sorority shirts made a quick exit into a storage bag and remain there not to be worn again.

So what is it about guys and their old t shirts?  Will I ever understand his attachment to his 20's?  Will he ever wear the nicely pressed Polos I buy for him or am I in for years and years of remembering the glory years?  Eventually these things have to fall apart don't they?  A t shirt can only be washed so many times one would think.

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Unknown on June 30, 2010 at 4:15 PM said...

Oh my - I SO hear you on this one. I just laughed my way through your entire post. Hahaha. It totally is like a "thing" for them. They love their t-shirts. I don't get it either. At all. However, I will admit I still have a pair of jeans from high school that I dream of fitting into some day. For the record, that will never happen.

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