Friday, June 11, 2010

Milk Glass Sign In Table

As any good reader of this blog knows I am absolutely obsessed with milk glass.  It is an obsession which has landed me in a bit of hot water with my usually patient husband.  Let me explain.

I collected milk glass for two years before our wedding.  I collected over 200 pieces of milk glass.  I told you.  I am obsessed.  I used the small milk glass vases I found as our place card holders and arranged them on a table with name cards and simple flowers.  I think we only paid about $50 from our florist for flowers to be placed in each vase and it turned out really pretty.

Now we are getting ready to move and our garage is still filled with wedding decor.  We're talking lanterns and candles and ribbon and milk glass.  More milk glass than I know what to do with.  It was so great to collect only now it just makes me sad to see it sitting in the garage collecting dust.  I think of all the places we scoured and all the people we met in our journey to outfit our wedding with milk glass.

Know someone who loves milk glass or needs it for an upcoming event?  I am definitely ready to sell most of my collection.  If for no other reason than to prevent my adorable husband from going completely over the edge as we get ready to move!  Comment or email if you are interested!

(This picture taken by our talented wedding photographer Phil Paik).

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