Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The House Waiting Game Continues Day 20

It's now day twenty.  No word from the selling agent on our house.  We submitted our offer and it took the slowpokes almost a week to get the offer approved and submitted to the bank.  Then it took the bank a week to respond and say the offer was received.  Now we have waited almost a week for the bank.  Short sales.  Worth the wait?  We'll have to see how this all goes before I can answer that question.  The selling agent told our realtor it could take the bank weeks to respond.  We have to know something by July 1 because we have to be out of our current rental house by August 15 and we need a little overlap to get the new house move in ready.  Hey no worries people we are just here.  Waiting.  No rush or anything.

While I wait I continue to pretend to decorate this and our future houses.  I have to fill my hours of waiting with something productive.  I could just burrow down in this fabulousness for hours with a good magazine and my baby.  Don't worry Pottery Barn someday I might own a house I can actually decorate like this.

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