Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We Still Sparkle

My husband and I are starting down the long and frightening road to home ownership.  We are first time home buyers so everything is new and daunting.  On Sunday we found a house we fell in love with.  I don't want to admit how much I like it because it is still so far from reality.  The most amazing part. A beach entry pool.  Oh Riviera Maya I can pretend I am sitting on your relaxing beaches every day in my own personal space where there are no gawking tourists looking at us.  Excuse that short break I am back to reality now.

We are putting in an offer tomorrow and writing up the offer today.  We are going with the FHA loan to conserve our cash and take advantage of that loan while we can since we are first time home buyers.  The house is a short sale so it is even more complicated.  We knew all this going in so we aren't too scared off.

Enter our realtor.  We told her up front what we are looking for.  How much we want to spend.  What our financial constraints are and we knew we would probably be buying a short sale.  Knowing all this after she heard our offer she proceeded to tell our lender she was frustrated by us, frustrated by our financial constraints and frustrated by our FHA loan.  Here is the real clincher.  We qualified for more.  We have money in the bank only we want to be conservative and save our cash and do things so we have a back up plan so we don't end up like the poor people who are short selling the house to begin with.  We have the money we just don't want to spend it all!  We are trying to do what we think is the right approach.

Now our realtor doesn't think we have the money and is getting worried according to our lender.

It makes me sad to think that there are still people out there who judge others based on what it looks like they have or what they think they have.  If we were spending money like water and acting like we had more than we do people would respect us more.  Why?  Didn't anyone learn their lesson from the real estate situation this country and our state has been dealing with?  Doesn't anyone respect people like our grandparents who were conservitive and made decisions based on cash and didn't think plastic was king?  I am beginning to think the financial bailout was more than a bank bailout and almost gave everyone an excuse for making bad financial decisions and now they have already forgotten what happened.

I thought I would include another picture from our October wedding.  See that beautiful bracelet?  I rented it from I'm Over It because I didn't want to spend more than I had on jewelry  I knew what I wanted only I didn't want to overspend on something I would wear once.  I don't have estate jewelry in a family safe just waiting to be plucked for such an occasion.  I wanted to sparkle on my wedding day without putting us on the path to the poor house and still look just as fabulous.  If only our realtor could see how sparkly we are and how much more fabulous a Skip Hop diaper bag is than a Fendi bag if you still have money in the bank instead of a maxed out credit card

(This picture is from the totally fabulous and not at all fake Phil Paik).

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Chic 'n Cheap Living on May 26, 2010 at 6:22 AM said...

You are simply stunning in that photo!

Your realtor is a piece of work. You are totally doing the sensible thing and I hope everything works out.

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