Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Elastic Pants and Other Fashion Adventures

I never thought I would say this...elastic pants are the coolest invention ever. Seriously. Ever since the wedding the closet has become a wasteland of really cute honeymoon outfits which will not be worn (this year at least) and work clothes that don't quite button. I had to clear out my closet just to preserve my sanity. Now the emptiness is a little more calming only still there is the morning fashion emergency when I have nothing to wear to work.

Two friends have given me bags of maternity clothes. I think it is the coolest thing how women bond together over these uncomfortable moments trying to prevent someone else from having the morning fashion emergency that begins each day. Even cooler is that most of the clothes have been passed down through multiple women...some of them have been worn by five women before me. Usually I am not one who goes for vintage wardrobe pieces...now don't get me wrong I am totally into preserving the environment and reusing and recycling only I am just not that good at vintage shopping. I will admit it! There is something really amazing about putting on a shirt and picturing each of these women going through similar experiences that I am now and all the emotions that they went through and the joys and challenges. The clothes connect me to these women and their families and makes me realize how many women have gone through what I am going through right now...it definitely makes me proud and for a moment each morning...a little less alone in my own thoughts.

I am setting out in the world strong in my new wardrobe of soft cotton t shirts, fuzzy sweaters and elastic pants. This is one pregnant girl who will conquer the world with my little one...even if I have to be accompanied by elastic to do it.

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allie on May 25, 2010 at 5:09 PM said...

Haha! I remember feeling this exact way. All of it! I swore I would never wear elastic pants but one day tried them on at a maternity store and holy. crap. Most comfortable pants ever!

You and your hubby are adorable! Love your blog :)

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