Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fun and Fire

This was our last weekend of wedding planning and after one completely sleepless night I am sleepily starting my last day of work tomorrow before we leave for our destination wedding.

Instead of relaxing and just sitting around we decided to pack our weekend full of really annoying and exciting know...keep things interesting.

The weekend started off with me and my glue gun finishing our place cards. This included cutting out 54 small cards gluing them with my hot glue gun to wooden dowels which will be put in little vintage milk glass bud vases for each guest. This was the second set of place cards I got from my Mom who was cute enought to print them out for us...stupid Helena Script font and computer errors...then I tied colored ribbons (brown for chicken and green for fish) on each stick. My FI decided it was totally necessary to contact each and every one of his guests to verify their meal choices and make sure the correct person in the correct family got the correct meal...seriously what would a person do if...the husband got the wife's meal?!

Next it was on to a marathon car buying trip with my Mom who bought a sporty new little Subaru...complete with me having to put the smack down on the car dealer and then we finally headed off to my final fitting. I wasn't really in the mood for the fitting...tomorrow I pick up the dress.

Tonight we had a late night Kinkos run and print our engagement pictures and put them in frames.

The last job of the night was to email all our guests and tell them about our bonfire the night before the wedding. I am including this picture of the sign which tells no uncertain terms that alcohol is not allowed on the beach. I tried telling my FI this and I am pretty sure he listened...only if I get any late night calls from San Diego's finest I am going to go bridezilla on everyone involved.

Time for bed! More wedding planning to do tomorrow...

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